URE-2000B UV Mask Aligner for Deep Lithography

URE-2000B UV Mask Aligner for Deep Lithography is a new UV Mask Aligner for Deep Lithography (365nm) developed by the Institute of Optics and Electronics. It is characterized by high resolution, accurate overlay, line sharpness, high aspect ratio, quick exposure speed, high automation and reliability. The equipment with advanced functions can be used to fabricate microelectronics, micro optics, MEMs, infrared devices, quasi-LIGA and acoustic surface wave device. The aligner is controlled by a computer and its optical system adopts line sharpness enhancing and diffraction smoothingtechnology as well as an automatic system for detecting exposure uniformity and energy distribution.

Technical Specifications

Exposure area:   70mm×70mm-100mm×100mm

Resolution:     1μm

Overlay accuracy:  ±0.3μm

Line sharpness:   83°

Aspect ratio:    >20:1

Illumination uniformity: ±4%

Stage movement:  X: ±4mm  Y: ±4mm

Substrate size:

      Area: ф10mm--ф110mm

      Thickness: 0.1mm—18mm

Mask size: 2 inch—5 inch

Exposure control mode: Time-setting and dose-setting

Maximum resist thickness : 600μm

Resist pattern (line width 40μm, resist thickness 350μm)

The equipment is suitable for wafers of ф70mm~ф150mm wide and 0~18mm thick, and for masks of 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5inches in size.

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