URE-2000A UV Mask Aligner for Deep Lithography

URE-2000A UV Mask Aligner for Deep Lithography has outstanding functions and can be used to fabricate micro- electronics, micro optics, MEMS, infrared devices, optical dividing board, biochip, quasi-LIGA and acoustic surface wave (ASW) devices. Line sharpness enhancing and diffraction smoothingtechnology are adopted to produce a purified optical wave (365nm) in the aligner. The aligner is equipped with a binocular and a CCD pattern alignment system, an energy auto detecting system and an auto leveling mechanism. The whole system is controlled by a computer, which is characteristic of high resolution, accurate overlay, line sharpness,, high aspect ratio, quick exposure speed, high automation and reliability. It is a novel i-line equipment for deep exposure of hundreds micrometer deep etching process.

Technical specifications

Exposure area: 70mm70mm-150mm150mm (200mm200mm, 300300mm available on consumer’s request )


Line sharpness:83°(for 1nm resist thickness)

Illumination uniformity:±3%

Overlay accuracy:±0.3μm (CCD alignment)

Mask dimension:2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 inch

Substrate dimension:10mm×10mm-110mm×110mm (or 150mm×150mm)

Mercury lamp power:1000W

Exposure control mode:Time-setting and dose-setting

Leveling mode:Auto

URE-2000A UV Mask Aligner for Deep Lithography is used in dozens of universities, institutes and research agencies, achieving stable and reliable performances, and popular appreciation.

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